Friday, 22 April 2016

Earth Day! Celebrate it your way!

Robert Swan, a noted polar explorer once said that, the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.  Marked recognition of environmental threats like global warming, climate change, over population, waste disposal, natural resource depletion and more, are proof enough that the world is rising in unison to address these issues in every capacity, large or small.  We are in a state of planetary emergency, with these issues piling up high around us. Unless we pay attention to our planet prudently we are surely doomed for disaster. 

An extremely effective way to draw attention or globalize a concept is to mark a ‘Day’ to commemorate it, and hence the ‘Earth Day’ is much deserved and called for. On Earth Day, cities, businesses, and individuals all roll out the green carpet. Big brands, corporate houses or organisations are often found touting Earth Day initiatives, or selling products more organic than the other options. But that’s what they do. And you? Did you know there are lots of easy and fun ways to celebrate Earth Day that can actually make a difference all year long?

I've listed a few below, and would love to hear your ideas in the comments!

  •       Watch Your Water Use! The little things can make a big difference. If you are not watching your running taps or leaky toilet, you might be wasting 200 gallons of water a day! Using the bucket instead of a shower and the RO drain water for the garden can all be small ways of contributing to save the planet!
  • ·         Plant Trees & Grow your own food! This Earth Day, plant one thing that can be consumed by your family. Maybe it’s just a few basil plants, or maybe it’s an entire garden. Put it on your windowsill, your fire escape, or your kitchen wall. But no matter what, get something growing. It’s organic, healthy & adds green to the planet!
  • ·         Go Solar! You’re probably tempted to skip right over this option because you either don’t own a house or don’t have the finances to install solar panels on it. But Wait! Smaller solar harvesting devices are now the talk of the town, from pocket-sized phone chargers to portable multi-panel kits. Switching just one or two devices to solar power can save you some serious money and take some pressure off the grid.
  • ·         Share a Ride! Or simply cycle or walk to work! Carpooling, using public transport, or simply hitch-hiking to save fuel for maybe 2-3 days a week can make a huge difference!
  • ·         Explore the Earth! Despite the environmental threats our planet is facing, mother nature is still a wonder to explore. Earth Day is about enjoying and taking care of the planet. Go for nature walks, hike, explore star gazing, or scuba diving! Reconnecting with nature is the best way to remind yourself why we’re fighting so hard to protect it.
Good Planets are hard to find.. don’t blow it.. besides our’s is the only one with chocolates and coffee!  

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Why Have a Meditator Life Partner?

Spending the rest of your life with another person can be a joyous and fulfilling experience provided you pick someone with whom you are compatible.  Looking for and finding a life partner is like getting ready for an adventure of a lifetime and not always knowing where it may lead. Having compassion as a guide map, meditation as a compass, and love as a light to show the way can help.
Discovering the regular match points like feelings for each other, exploring each other’s ways of living and like and dislikes, turn ons and offs, and talents and quirks usually take a toll on us, and leaves us hanging in the hugest dilemma of “To Do or Not To DO” for a time that seems longer than eternity!
But believe you me, you can easily survive through this, with a smile and make the wisest choice for you and your partner if you share this common trait; Meditation! In this article we will talk about why Meditation should be an essential trait to seek in your partner and how it can make your relationship harmonious.

Being Friends First!
Meditation gives you deep relaxation and contentment from within. When you are relaxed and content in your own life, you become sensitive to others’ needs. Friendship is all about being sensitive to each other’s needs. When we meditate, we rest in our nature and silence the unrest within.  Meditation is a return to silence, where two people can rest in their nature and nurture peacefulness.
As good friends, Meditation allows you to be on the same wavelength at the same time in supports you in your own individual quest.

Just Being together at Peace!
Meditation is a process of deeper cleansing. It is a great stress booster and reduces your need to use words to resolve conflict or to simple create some noise. When two individuals share quality time meditating, unsaid thoughts and unexpressed emotions are silenced and peace dawns.  Majority of conflicting situation and negative emotions can be dealt with by just being! Time is the best healer.
Appreciating Differences!
How often have you heard the expression, “opposites attract”? Like yin and yang, sweet and sour, winter and summer, one simply complements the other. Sitting in meditation once or twice a day can give you the sensitivity to enjoy the oppositeness!

Tolerating conflicts & Enjoying a Laugh!
A Meditating mind is usually very tolerant. Being established in positivity and calm in yourself one tends to become tolerant and accepting of small conflicts in everyday life. Enjoy the Happy space within has become your nature and everyday issues are just tiny pebbles in your stride which are worth a good laugh! Unexpected delays, problems and difficulties are now dealt with wisely, together as a couple even lots of laughter!
Meditation helps us respond to conflict with a sense of humor. Aha, the switch! Becoming more relaxed and at ease, through meditation, we can realize that this “switch” comes from somewhere within.
Recognizing From the Heart!
 “The heart knows to recognize. You cannot recognize your life partner, your guru, from the outside appearance, but through your heart. Something happens in your heart, you feel in your heart that he is honest and good, he belongs to me. So, become peaceful,” says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
Effective Communication!
Good Communication is the essence of Great Relationships! Meditation connects you back to your natural state, your very existence. With a sense of peace that is getting strengthened by your meditation practice every day, your naturalness comes through in your expressions. Communication spontaneously rises from the heart. Authentic sharing begins and it takes more than just baseless words and expressions said in a moment of stress to shake your bond of love and togetherness!
The Sensitive “US”!
Over attention and involvement and even expression can suffocate a sane relationship. Love needs some space to grow and blossom fully. Meditation makes you sensitive to the space that you need for yourself and your partner co-exist in peace and love. With that sensitivity, clashes are less likely to happen.
Make Your Home Meditation Friendly. Here’s How!
* Make a Meditation corner at home with good lighting and lots of fresh air together!
* Just as you allow quiet time for yourself each day, respect quiet time for your partner
* Support one another by allowing each other to attend meditation retreats or even better take retreats together!
* Know that sitting in silent meditation rejuvenates your capacity to care for others

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Happy Human’s Day!

“We’ve chosen the path to Equality, don’t let them turn us around.”.. ;-))

The Bible says, “Eve was created from a bone taken out of the rib-cage of Adam…” and according to Hindu Mythology, both Manu and Shatrupa emerged on their own from the body of Brahma thus, there is an Equality of Sexes…and hence all my life, I have heard my teachers and parents teach me that “God made it a point not to create woman from the bones of the feet of Adam, or from any tissue on his head”…thus interpreting…that God did not want women to be dominated by men nor did HE want women to be above men…instead, he created Shatrupa or Eve in equality or parallel to Manu or Adam…to be by his side and walk equally with him….side by side.
It’s that day of the year again, where we count and recount, collect and recollect all sacrifices, efforts, patience and fortitude, the women in our life have put in forming us. Is that what we are saluting??? Or are we just creating an inequality ourselves, by booing and shooing the men thus creating an automatic salutation! Our celebration of womanhood in most cases, if not all, is done by comparing the successes and achievements with the opposite gender. Why? Is that really “healthy competition”, or are we trying to bridge the gap or is it creating an even bigger rift?
Me thinks this complete gender discourse should not be about ascertaining equality or inequality. Women are just special…Like Mother Nature…there’s no beating that. Period. And Men, they are the best thing that could ever happen to us…If a woman is a Dream, the Man is the Power to make it come true.. or vice versa..Their completeness rests in their co-existence.
A very feminist friend of mine once remarked, “some of us women are becoming the men we wanted to marry”……women, do think about this one…I am sure you will strike a chord ….and Men, see where we are getting to?? The sooner we realise and understand the essence, meaning and reasons of our creation the better it would be…Our Future lies not in fighting for Equality, it rests in understanding and celebrating our differences.
So the battle of the sexes continues, the humour continues and the inequality (in good humour)…continues too.
To all my male buddies….try to be good to her, all days of your life…forget treating her equally, just treat her real. Happy human’s day.
To all the women in my life..who’ve loved me, held me, inspired me, dealt with me, nurtured me, pampered me, coaxed me and criticised me, encouraged me and driven me, all those who’ve prayed for me and stood by me…to all those women….!! Happy woman’s day!!!
Btw.. the International Men’s day is celebrated on the 19 Nov…Thank your stars, men are bad with dates!  :p !!

Friday, 12 April 2013


Sometimes things don't happen..plans don't work out..anticipation fails you..excitement dies are disappointed and hurt..given up, and still hanging in..sometimes it takes a while and a lot of efforts for dreams to come true...and its still ok.
Sometimes you want to stop proving your sanity...act impulsive and random...and careless...wish upon stars and be damn sure its going to come true..believe in tooth fairy and cupid...sometimes you want to yell at the world for all that went wrong and laugh at destiny...sometimes you want to cry your heart out...but you can't..and its still ok.
Sometimes you want to just dive in..deep into your soul and just listen to your want to love yourself more than you expect anyone to...sometimes you want roses, without thorns...sometimes you want it all, without a bargain..sometimes you want to prove the world wrong and give a sheepish grin...and it may take while..and its still ok.
Sometimes all you really need is a hand to hold and a heart that understands...and they are both missing..and its till ok.
Sometimes...its just ok to BE. Its OK.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Therapy for co-existence!!

I just recently completed a First level course in Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Dr. Bente Skovborg at the Art of living international centre, Bangalore.  I am not a medical professional nor do I have much knowledge in the field of human anatomy…but having seeing my loved ones in pain and feeling helpless about it, I have always had a desire to heal people, to help them get rid them of at least their physical pains and problems. With this intention and deepest desire, I approached Pujya Gurudev, for the first time in my life with a direct request, to do this course, HE obviously readily agreed and blessed me with the Prasad!  (I actually had a conversation with HIM!!..i still don’t know how!). After I got back from the ashram, I started my preparation with online studies and exams on various topics related to Human Anatomy and Physiology. Though I did score amazingly well (97.8%) in the exam, I was still too skeptical about putting this knowledge to practical use due to absolute lack of experience, and with a threat and fear of almost 80% medical professionals in the course starring at my silliness, I got all geared (swearing on Gurudev’s blessings, each moment I doubted myself) to take the plunge.
The entire journey through those 6 days was completely spiritual for me..though I did get petrified at times, when I heard those highly complex, tongue twisting names of muscle and illnesses from the highly knowledgeable classmates with medical backgrounds..but luckily I had company! A few more from the non-medical backgrounds giving blank stares to each other, like myself were a relief and complete fun to be with! By the end of those 6 days, we were all one big family in complete awe of the miraculously complex working of the Human body. All knowledge and ignorance was lost in the wonder of words Dr.Bente used to explain how just a finger, a touch or a stroke can have an impact on the complex physiological functions. It was so spiritual to know how each cell in the body understands and interprets the Human touch. Now that I am back, and practicing what I have learnt and I am able to make a difference to the quality of life of my friends and family all I can think of is the way in which the innumerable tiny cells, each one different from the other, work in our body each moment, in complete harmony and synchronization to get us through the day, healthily.
Unfortunately the scene outside our bodies, out in the world is not so similar. Do you know there are more than 50 trillion cells in your body, all working together, enabling you to read this sentence?!
Your cells don’t argue. They don’t question how things work. And they don’t engage in a debate about who’s smarter or more efficient. They just align together in beautiful harmony to allow the machine called “your body” to function at its highest possible level at any given moment. When the creator created Mankind he wanted this harmonious interplay in our outer world, too. Just like the cells putting in their complete effort to play their part well, we too needed to do just that! But...this it did not happen… Our differences were meant to be complimentary, instead they got contradictory. We were meant to work in harmony with Mother Nature and enjoy the creation...instead we began abusing the divine wonder play.  I am not looking for complete perfection, just a little less abuse, and some respect for the universe., for the flora and fauna, the diversity in cultures, the difference in people’s perception and lifestyles. I am simply looking for a globally, colorful and diverse symphony of mutually dependent inhabitants of planet Earth! Different from each other, yet together and happy!! And because we were created with that idealism in mind,  just pure intention and a few genuine steps..and the consciousness will conspire it to happen.
Every day our creative group of thoughts, words, actions, and feelings are working in Divine harmony with the energy of the Universe to create our lives.  By focusing our energy in a positive way, we are far more likely to generate good experiences. It’s that simple.. :) now that u don't need to be perfect, u just need to be you!

Saturday, 6 April 2013 when I begin.. Just NOW! when I begin.. Just NOW!

Its been 10 years on this spiritual journey with dearest Guruji now. Unlike a lot devotees it took me a while (one whole year!) to realize that HE is my true calling, I belong to HIM. But, my highly analytical (?) and logical(?) mind realized the power of the #Sudarshankriya right after I got my “1st Shot” at it and it became a part of my daily routine. My Teachers for the course were Dearest Bau and Dinesh Bhaiya..Their cool and relaxed approach to spirituality, not pressurizing us into believing any set Doctrine or ideology was a relief and also very inspiring. Most of my course mates (half of them are teachers now), started making plans to visit their “new home” @BangaloreAshram, almost as soon as the course was over. For me though, even the thought of it, was out of question. I had a very demanding job, and an over demanding and protective family, who would never agree that I visit an “ashram” to meet a “guru”??!!  In the many coming years, attending satsangs, volunteering for events, organizing courses and assisting some wonderful teachers became a part of me. I did not really realize how my Guru was slowly entering my life and making me HIS own through these amazing acts. As my involvement with AOL increased so did my Faith and Love for HIM.  Soon I did my first Advanced course with Guruji in Ahmedadbad and witnessed the vastness in DIVINITY in the Shivratri PUJA..i was lost..and found! I had found HIM and HE had found ME…still @BangaloreAshram?? no thoughts no ideas...out of question. Life became busy, took major turns, my Sadhna and faith in HIM sailed me through. There were times i questioned HIM and doubted HIM, when I felt left out and uncared for...but HE was ALWAYS within reach, it was me who would lose vision from time to time.
Eventually, since 2011, I started thinking about the Ashram, checking it out on social networking sites, following the webcasts, getting in contact with a few friends from the ashram. Curiosity and a silent desire had kicked in. I started discussing about ashram activities at home and often casually mentioned that I’d like to visit it one day, and thankfully no one objected...actual plans were still out of question.  I was still oblivious of the fact that my desire had been heard and plans were being made!! My time had come. .And soon dearest Gurudev walked his way into my life almost magically in May 2012 in the form of My Angel. A Friend from Bangalore Ashram, who motivated me and inspired me to come HOME. “You should come and visit your home and meet your Guru who has been waiting for you for so long.” His words were my true calling. Soon, things happened as gracefully and magically as HIM and I was on my way HOME! With fear, doubts, questions, curiosity, anxiety and panic as my companions, I set out to experience HIS grace yet again. The entire journey, from the moment I boarded the flight was like a huge “homecoming” celebration. Gurudev was making it sure I felt warm and welcome and loved each moment of this journey. From Co-passengers (who are friends till date), to the wonder play of the clouds during the flight, to the warmest reception at the ashram by dearest ones personally, by messages and phone calls, the amazing comfort of my room at Yagyashala, the breath of Grace and Gratitude every day, every moment that I spent in the ashram is beyond expression! How wonderfully HE conspired to meet me in person, just to fulfill a silly desire! What all HE does to make us Happy! Leaving the ashram after the wonderful Gurupuja Course with BhanuMa was Suicidal! Painful! As soon as I left the ashram, I was already planning my next visit and somehow, I was damn sure it will be very soon...and I was back at HOME in 2 months for CST part -1 with Dr. Bente. !!
Since these two visits Home, my life has changed. I am relaxed and positive, I sleep alone in my room :p!! My love and Faith in HIM has grown leaps and bounds and is growing with each breath, I am a wee bit more confident, I smile almost all the time, people love me a little more, and respect me a little more…my Sadhna has become effortless..i connect to HIM and my inner self even more easily now...and my longing for divinity is intensifying every moment!
Staying away from my Guru, my Home is like a Tapasya for me now. Longing for the Omnipresent is such a blessed feeling. HE is always with me, I reach HIM so easily and comfortably, but I still long for HIM,
HIS physical presence, His words of wisdom, HIS ever smiling aura, HIS deepest gaze, HIS laughs and naughty grins, HIS presence that is felt in the Ashram even when HE is away. I can just continue my “Taspasya” and count moments when I shall be with HIM again soon …At Home..To Stay..
Now I know why he kept me away so long.. My Home is an addiction, and perhaps now is the right time for me to get addicted??!! Perhaps, now I won’t have to wait too long….